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Since it was first published in October 2016 this wiki has been updated 19 times. If you, or someone you know, need a safe mode of personal transport, either because of an accident or a long-term medical illness, take a look at these wheelchairs with electric power. Our selection includes rugged trail-riders and foldable models that you can take nearly anywhere, even on aircraft.

Since their initial invention in 1953 by Canadian George Klein, electric wheelchairs, also known as a power chair or motorized wheelchair, have come a long way to help the wounded war veterans. With the incredible developments in science and technology made by mankind, power wheelchair design has been changed positively, making it easier than ever for people living with physical disabilities to travel around the world comfortably with mobility and independence.

wheelchair features


While the first electric wheelchairs have for some time been just one basic model, as technical progress has progressed, it has also led to the development of numerous design choices and features. Today’s power wheelchairs come in such a large array to ensure that the needs of each particular person are met and that the wheelchair complies with the individual driver rather than the wheelchair operator.

Rear, center, or front-wheel drive: While rear-wheel-drive designs are typically the most widely used for speed and outdoor travel, front-wheel drive power wheelchairs are generally the most popular option because they are well equipped and flexible for both indoor and outdoor use, and typically have a better turning radius than rear-driven designs.Mid-wheel driven models are generally best suited to larger indoor environments or smooth outdoor surface environments because they do not tend to perform well on rough terrains nor do they tend to turn easily.

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Portability, disassembly, and foldability: Unlike their wide and voluminous equivalents of the past, modern power wheelchairs also come in configurations that quickly disassemble into smaller, lightweight sections or have the ability to fold down for easier storage and portability in a car.

Adjustable: Many of the power wheelchairs on the market today offer seat adjustability, footrests, and other wheelchair components for optimal fit and maximum comfort. Models come in various sizes, too. A reclining function adds comfort, particularly for extended sitting.

Size: Whether you’re living in a small apartment or home, or if you’re intending to use your wheelchair in narrower, smaller spaces, be sure to pick a lightweight design with a width that can easily pass through the doors.

Weight capacity and dimensions: In addition to ensuring that your wheelchair can get through doorways, it is important to select the size that best fits you. Only mild discomfort, when you use the wheelchair regularly, can become a massive pain. It is also vital for safety that your wheelchair accommodates your weight so be sure to test the wheelchair’s weight capacity before buying.

How do I pick the best wheelchair with electric power?


Understanding your needs is the most crucial first step in finding the right motorized wheelchair, along with matching those needs to the wheelchair that can best accommodate them. Learning about the above features combined with other components of each wheelchair, such as support and positioning options, anti-tipping and other safety features, freewheel operating capabilities, and battery power and charging times will all make the decision-making process a factor.

This article offers details on the best of the best available power wheelchairs on the market today, along with a range of advantages for specific user needs. We cover their basic nature, accessibility, reliability, affordability, and overall efficiency along with consumer reviews from other wheelchair users to help you make the right decision for yourself or a loved one.

Who needs an electric wheelchair?

When mobilizing the chair an electric wheelchair uses rechargeable battery systems. Unlike manual wheelchairs that require power from the user or a caregiver to move, wheelchairs with electrical power are controlled by a joystick or any other form of device to drive motion.

How to clean a power wheelchair?

For the best way to clean and repair your particular power wheelchair, please refer to the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions. In general, it’s a good idea to wipe down the wheelchair seat and frame with a smooth, dry cloth, never use any abrasive chemicals or solvents that can harm the electronics of the wheelchair.

Can you overload a battery in a wheelchair?

As long as you use the charger equipped with an automatic shutdown to prevent overloading that is included with your motorized wheelchair, you will not be in danger of overloading the battery of your wheelchair. If your wheelchair does not come with a charger, or if it does not have this safety feature, contact the wheelchair manufacturer and/or the battery supplier to get specific instructions to ensure that your wheelchair batteries are not overcharged.

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1. Medline Lightweight Transport Wheelchair

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Transport chairs make it easier for your loved ones and carers to help you get around safely and easily. A transport chair requires a caregiver to move the chair, similar to traditional wheelchairs. A mobility chair is much lighter than a wheelchair; plus, it is more lightweight, making it easier to get around town.

This chair comes equipped with easy-to-operate loop-lock hand brakes which are ideal for locking the rear wheels during transfer. It also has a seatbelt that keeps the passenger in a safe position and is compact when folded, making it easy to lift into a car or to carry the stairs up. Equipped with a seat belt, supportive nylon upholstery, full-length permanent armrest, and detachable footrests, it weighs just 23.5 pounds.


  • Front Wheel Size:8 inches
  • Back Wheel Size:12 inches
  • Weight of Chair:23.5 lbs
  • Weight Capacity:300 lbs

2. Vive Wheelchair Bag

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The carrying bag is quickly added and removed with the sturdy, flexible straps that suit most wheelchairs. The straps are fixed to any wheelchair, walker, or transport chair by an easy to use buckle device. An additional padded shoulder strap makes the bag easy to carry to and from the wheelchair.

The wheelchair bag is made with a sturdy, lightweight nylon material and is waterproof to keep contents secure and dry. The outer pocket is lined with a reflective stripe for high visibility at night or when in low light areas for added convenience. For added comfort durable nylon material is machine washable. Machine wash in cold water for better performance and allow the bag to air dry.


  • Color: Black.
  • Weight: 10.4 ounces.
  • Model:BD15632.

3. Vive Mobility Electric Wheelchair

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The Vive Mobility power wheelchair is stylish and incredibly robust and effortlessly navigates most surfaces with powerful dual motors, a universal joystick controller, and large flat-free tires. The universal controller of the wheelchair may be placed on either the left or right armrest, both of which are adjustable in height for greater comfort.

The power wheelchair also has up to six miles of travel distance and easily handles slight inclines. The motorized wheelchair is made with a robust but lightweight aluminum that supports up to 260 pounds and is designed for easy folding for storage and travel.
The foldable power wheelchair is easy to use and is fitted with dual motors, flat-free tires and shock absorbers to travel safely and effortlessly over any terrain, including grass, concrete, gravel, and more.

The motorized wheelchair is suitable for commuting and is made with a lightweight but sturdy aluminum frame that holds up to 260 pounds safely. The strong lithium battery is rechargeable and allows the wheelchair to negotiate mild inclines and to travel up to six miles per charge. TSA-approved, it can fold to standard trunk sizes within seconds and easily fit.


  • Color: Silver.
  • Weight: 63.9 pounds.

4. Compact Mid-Wheel Drive Power Chair

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Compact Mid-Wheel Drive Power Chair, Burgundy The HS-2800 Power Chair mid-wheel drive features a patented Anti-Tip wheel design that keeps riders safe on the track. The extra-tightened turning radius uses flat-free tires to comfortably navigate corners and curves with ease.

Standard features include a joystick-based Shark controller, a 19 “mid-back seat with adjustable headrest and seat belt, and an adjustable football. It creates a beautiful sleek profile with the body styling which covers all the suspension parts. Maximum speed: 4 mph  Capacity: 300 lbs Solid and Sensitive Anti-Tip Wheels will keep you safe.

ZERO Free Wheel Lever Effort-Swing-Away Joystick helps you to pull right up to any seat. You may wish to make use of our “White Glove Service” for an additional fee. When placing your order please be sure to ask for information.

5. 2020 Lightweight Electric Power Wheelchair

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Portable Electric wheelchair uses the aluminum alloy frame of the aircraft-grade more compact and robust, it is one of the lightest versions in this type of portable heavy-duty power chair. The Lithium battery can be charged and used jointly or separately / Convenient to airlines. The battery is allowed for transportation on an Airplane approved high quality worldwide accessible charger.

More efficient and quiet brushless motors (500W) with wider rear tires (13), “which is correct without feeling voluminous. Not only are our tires made with the best texture for comfort, but D09 Wheelchair also uses Easy-to-detach connector on our joystick controller, so it can quickly be removed without cutting the entire cable; it will be much easier and safer to fly by air. And the anti-tilt support for fast release for protection.


  • Color: Black.
  • Wheelchair Weight: 55 lbs.
  • Battery Weight: 6 lbs.

6. Fold & Travel Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

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Compact electric wheelchair uses the aluminum alloy frame of aircraft-grade more light and robust, it is one of the lightest versions in this group of compact heavy-duty power chair and folding mobility scooter. Heavy Duty Model with a load capacity of 330 lbs. And support for safety. Standard Equipped with Seat-Belt and Anti-Tippe quick release anti-tilt wheelchair wheels. Don’t miss Grass, Ramp, Brick, Muddy, Sand, Bumpy Roads


  • Size:601.
  • Maximum Speed: 5 Mph.
  • Seat Width: 17″
  • Seat Depth: 20″

7. Drive Medical Light Weight Wheelchair

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The Cruiser III Wheelchair with Drive Medical has a carbon steel frame that removes seat guides and makes custom back extensions and accessories with different arm types and front riggings. The finish on the silver vein is beautiful and easy to preserve. The specific, front, and rear sealed wheel bearing ensure long-lasting durability and reliability, while the 8-inch front caster wheels offer a smooth ride over most surfaces. The dual axle and interchangeable, flip-back arms allow movement. Comes with regular, detachable flip back arms, swing away or lift footrests, black nylon upholstery, Mag-style alloy wheels and push to lock wheel keys.


  • Product Weight Capacity: 350 lbs.
  • Closed Width: 12 inches.
  • Seat Width: 20 inches.
  • Seat Depth: 16-18 inches.
  • Style: Flip Back Removable Desk Arms/Elevating Leg Rests.

8. Medline Lightweight Wheelchair

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This smartly built, lightweight wheelchair is simple to navigate and strong enough to accommodate people weighing up to £ 300. A perfect option for on-the-go users needing easy access to flip-back desk arms and improved support from elevating leg rests. For custom help, the flexible backrest goes up and down.


  • Size: 18 x 16 Inch.
  • Product Dimensions: 31.5 x 25.5 x 36.5 inches ; 34 pounds.

9. Fushida Power Wheelchair

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Choose the oxford cover on top of the wheelchair joystick so you can go out whether it’s rainy or not, making your life easier and more comfortable. The waterproof oxford can cover your joystick for daily use, and it can also remain warm and dry in everyday life. Fushida Power Wheelchair Armrest Cushion, Waterproof Oxford Wheelchair Cover, Power Wheelchair Controller Handle Cap, Joystick Protector Cushion for Durable Wheelchairs.


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Hoveround Electric Wheelchair - Motorized Power Chair and Mobility Scooter | LX-5 Blue Trim, 18-inch Adult Seat

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  • Hoveround LX5 - For unmatched comfort and support, the LX5 includes a Standard or Reclining Captain's Seat in sizes from 17-23 inches, plus your choice of Red or Blue trim. The premium choice in power chairs, mobility scooters, and electric wheel chairs.
  • Quality of Life - Designed for everyday use such as pulling up to the dinner table, into bedrooms and bathrooms, and navigating tight spaces in and around your home. Ideal for adults with a disability, including those with a handicap, seniors, and elderly.
  • All-Day Comfort and Support - Featuring an 18-inch custom contoured innerspring seat and padded armrests. The 4 wheel design, heavy duty electric motor, and 300 lb capacity offer medical grade quality with speed up to 4 mph and 12 mile range.
  • Round for a Reason - Indoor and outdoor use is a breeze with a round base and compact design for narrow turns and maneuvering. The soft touch joystick control is ideal for steering, without the cumbersome handlebars of mobility scooters.
  • Trustworthy - Hoveround has partnered with patients, health care providers and caregivers for over 25 years whether covered by Medicare, insurance, or purchasing directly. The Hoveround warranty guarantees mobility and peace of mind.