Best Selling Adjustable Kids Desk Chairs according to Experts

As a parent, it is never too early to think about your child’s spinal health and safety. With many schools keeping their classes online for the foreseeable future, setting up the right study station for your child is a big step you can take to ensure that online learning goes smoothly. Any little learner will need a desk and a place to sit. But not all chairs provide comfortability to your child. The kids desk chairs provide a better solution for your problem, which are more comfortable and improves the posture of your child.

What size desk chair is best for your child?

The most important consideration to make when you are buying a kids desk chair is the size. You will find a wide range of options for everyone, from preschoolers to college students. The size of the chair will help you to choose whether or not it is suitable for your child.

The best way to identify the correct size for your child is to have them sit in a comfortable chair with their feet flat on the floor and measure the height from the bottom of their feet up to the bend in the back of their knee. This is the proper height of the chair required.

What About Assembly?

Desk chairs are difficult to assemble, even when they are child-sized. The chairs for younger kids are fully assembled, most chairs for kids require some assembly and especially the high-end options that are highly adjustable.

Depending on how comfortable you are, you have to choose a chair that requires little to no assembly or one that you can easily put together without additional tools.

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What about Posture and Ergonomics?

Teaching your children good posture is vital to their health and helps to improve a healthy habit for their entire lives. The best kids desk chairs are designed to promote proper posture. Ergonomic chairs are more comfortable, so kids can focus on their studies with less fidgeting and distraction.

Some key points to consider when it comes to ergonomics:

  • The child should be able to sit with their feet flat on the ground, thighs parallel to the floor
  • They should maintain full contact with the backrest when sitting
  • Head and neck posture is very important. Make sure they sit at a correct height
  • Shoulders should be relaxed when sitting.

Best Kids Desk Chairs to Buy

GreenForest Desk Chair

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GreenForest kids desk chair with great pop turquoise color, cute bright color matches easily with room decoration and stationery, that can bring good mood for children. The kids desk chair is easy to assemble, only you need to screw 8 bolts, and kids themselves can install it in 10 minutes, a great gift for children.

The kids desk chair is height adjustable and 360 degrees swivel, very easy to handle, suitable for different ages kids. This Mid Back computer chair with fishbone design back and soft seat, cute and breathable, very comfortable to sit on it. The desk chair is also suitable for petite adults, the size of the seat is 15.2×15.7 inches, height is 29.5-34.2 inches. The maximum holding weight can be 200 pounds.

The chair seat is soft and thick, comfortable even after long use. Chair with middle back and special design and pp material make it air-permeable. PU wheels are very sturdy and you can move them smoothly on the floor or carpet.

Key Features

  • Cute bright color
  • Sturdy frame
  • Breathable PP back
  • The thick soft seat base
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Height adjustable

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Heritage Unicorn Kids Faux Fur Rolling Desk Chair

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Heritage kids desk chair features a cool faux fur seat with a figural unicorn design, this design chair will be a kid favorite. Perfect for an at-home learning station for desks, tables, and vanities.

This chair is perfect for everyday use with rolling wheels and adjustable height. The lever allows you to adjust the height of the chair to make it suitable for different desks or tables. The seat height range is 26.4″h-29.3″ total.
The chair is provided with a padded faux fur seat and metal base, sturdy and comfortable for your kids. The chair supports weight up to 125 lbs.

Key Features

  • Adjustable height
  • Adorable design
  • Soft plush fabric
  • Easy to move with rolling wheels
  • Sturdy and comfortable

SIDIZ Ringo Kid Desk Chair

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The Ringo chair from SIDIZ is an excellent design that is adjustable according to the child’s height, weight, and shape. This innovative chair has been awarded for its design and functionality. This chair is ideal for children over 55 pounds, and it is marketed for kids 6-13 years old, also younger or older kids can certainly enjoy this chair as well.

The ergonomic chair model features a 4-level adjustable backrest and seat, that allows kids to customize their chairs to their comfort level. The height of the backrest, the width of the seat, and the overall height of the chair are all adjustable. There is also a detachable footrest that kids are sure to love, and it is especially handy for children under five feet tall.

Sit-lock casters are a good addition to this children’s desk chair as they lock in place as soon as the child sits down. Once there is 55 pounds or more of weight in the chair, the casters lock to provide a stable base so kids can focus. The Ringo chair is available in two colors, mint green, and rosy pink, and both the cushion and backrest are replaceable, which is a major benefit to children’s furniture.

Key Features

  • Four adjustment stages – perfect for growing children
  • Replaceable seat and backrest covers
  • Removable footrest
  • Casters lock in place when kids sit down – prevents distraction

FlexiSpot Ergonomic Desk Chair for Kids

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FlexiSpot is better known for standing desks and also makes some very comfortable and ergonomic office chairs. One of the best models is their ergonomic kids desk chair. Looking for a reasonable price chair with good support and high-density foam comfort, this is a great option. This chair can also improve your child’s posture.

This chair comes in a clean and neutral gray and white color combination which makes it suitable for both boys or girls. At about 24lbs, this is a light-weight desk chair, but the sturdy frame allows for a weight capacity of up to 100 lbs.

Flexispot is height adjustable with a rounded seat and armrest design. And the backrest features an S-curve to provide adequate support to your child’s spine when sitting while helping them stay in an improved posture. The FlexiSpot also features locking casters, so your child won’t be rolling all over the room when trying to concentrate.

Key Features

  • Rounded seat and armrest design for ergonomic comfort
  • High-density foam seat and backrest
  • Locking casters and sturdy base
  • Modern design with light and neutral colors

Ergonomic Mesh Desk Chair

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An ideal chair for any child, this executive chair has a more adult-like look and but it is ideal for older children and any kid that wants to feel like a grown-up when sitting at their desk. This chair is featured with a breathable mesh back and seat, which helps keep kids comfortable and more attentive as they study.

A sturdy, heavyweight metal base is more durable and long-lasting, and your child can use this chair for years. The back of the chair is curved to support good posture and provide children with the comfort they need to focus on their work.

The chair base is featured with heavy-duty rolling casters and a hydraulic height adjustment, so kids can easily move the chair up or down depending on the height of their desk and comfort level. The chair is available in eight different bright and attractive colors.

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Key Features

  • Affordable
  • Heavyweight metal base with casters
  • Ergonomic back
  • Available in eight colors

FatCat Wall Graphics kids Desk and Chair Set

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This FatCat Wall Graphics affordable and feature-rich desk set is ideal for parents who need a full study setup for their child. The desk chair set is available in two different sizes to fit the needs of growing children, and each kit includes a desk, chair, adjustable LED reading light, book rest, and a plastic tool that can be clamped to the edge of the desk to achieve good posture.

Each desk is available in two colors, blue or pink, and the smaller desk measures 27.5” wide by 18.1” deep, while the larger measures 31.5” wide by 19.3” deep. The desk and chair both are designed using a sturdy steel frame built for years of use, and both have multiple height adjustment points so that the desk and chair can be adjusted with your child’s height.

The chair is designed to help children achieve good posture. The included orthotic that clamps to the edge of the desk helps prevent kids from hunching over, so they will be able to practice good posture while they are studying. One of the most important features of this desk is its tilting top, which adjusts up to 45-degrees to provide an optimal reading, writing, or drawing angle.

Key Features

  • Available in two sizes
  • Desktop tilts up to 45-degrees
  • All-steel frame for durability

Giantex Kids Desk Chair

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Giantex kids desk chair is boldly styled and versatile that is perfect for young children, teenagers, and even adults, this chair is comfortable and has plenty of useful features that kids will love. This chair is featured with an ergonomic backrest that is designed to provide comfort during long study sessions. The lumbar region offers a comfortable support pad, which gives an additional layer of comfort.

Both the seat and backrest are covered in a highly breathable mesh to keep you cool and comfortable, and it is available in three attractive, eye-catching colors. This chair from Giantex offers smooth, quiet casters that roll effortlessly across any floor. The chair rotates 360-degrees, and it offers height adjustment so kids of all sizes can set their chair to the perfect height.

The steel frame ensures that this chair can stand up to years for kids, so it is an ideal choice for parents hoping to get many years of use from their child’s desk chair.

Key Features

  • Ergonomic design
  • Highly breathable mesh material
  • Durable steel frame
  • Lightweight and easy to transport

Umitay Adjustable Kids Desk Chair

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This chair and desk set from Umitay is a solid option if you are looking for a complete study station for your child. Both the desk and chair are adjustable, so you will be able to change the height as your child grows. The manufacturer suggests that this workstation is better suited for kids ages 3-8.

It may look a bit like a toy, this desk features a steel frame, so it is built to last and is available in blue and pink, and two sizes, 27 ½” or 30 ½” wide. The chair does not offer much padding on the seat or the backrest, both pieces have an ergonomic design that makes them comfortable for long sessions.

The seat and back are ventilated, which helps provide some airflow to keep kids comfortable while they are studying. The desk has an LED reading lamp with three brightness levels, and it tilts from flat to 45-degrees to help kids read, write, or draw at an optimal angle. Children love the additional features, like a book rest, stationary storage, and a pull-out shelf to store everything they need inside their desk.

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Key Features

  • Durable steel frame
  • The chair and desk are both adjustable
  • Includes light and accessories
  • Tilting desktop

SitRite Ergonomic Kids Desk Chair

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The SitRite ergonomic office kids desk chair is a great pick that works for both growing children and smaller adults. It is available in various colors, has a cushioned back support, and provides adjustability features that are expected from an ergonomic office chair.

The chair has a height adjustment feature, a sliding seat that can be changed according to your child’s size, and a detachable footrest. It is suitable for children aged 4+ and can support up to 300 lbs, and includes a movement lock system to prevent children from moving around while studying. The SitRite is quite easy to assemble and has fantastic back support and is an excellent ergonomic chair overall.

Key Features

  • Cushioned back support
  • Thick padded seat
  • Height adjustable

Ilogicase Kids Desk Chair 

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Ilogicase kids desk chair can be adjusted to fit fast-growing children for a long time. The height, backrest, and seat can be adjusted by turning and locking the knob. This design helps children to have a perfect position and a better feeling of comfort.

The chair has a footrest and rounded armrests for added support and comfort and a padded backrest and padded sliding seat. This chair is made of a high-quality steel frame and a 5 wheels base with locking casters for stability and safety. The chair has 3 covers included – one for the seat cushion and two for the backrest. The covers are washable, removable elastic fabric. Skin-friendly, stain-resistant meshwork chair. The office chair seat cushion prevents sweating when sitting for a long time.

Key Features

  • Adjustable height
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy and safe assembly

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Features to Consider while buying a Kids Desk Chair

The real features of ergonomic desk chairs have to do with increased mobility and adjustability.

Level of comfort

Comfort is an important factor in ergonomic chairs. If we are not comfortable, we feel tired after a while and constantly change our posture. This will lead to unhealthy curvatures on the spine. Therefore, buy a chair that truly makes you feel comfortable and soft.


One of the most important features of an ergonomic chair is the ability to adjust it for different body sizes and heights. For children, there are many options of different sizes on a particular model or one single option that allows for multiple adjustments.

Seat height and arms

All ergonomic chairs do not have adjustable arms, even though they should. But, all of them have adjustable seat heights which help you to adjust your seat in a way that you can rest your feet on the floor without putting stress on your knees.

Seat width and depth

The width and depth should be good enough to support your child and make them feel comfortable. Find out your child’s weight and consider the maximum capacity of the chair.

Lumbar support

This is a common feature in most ergonomic chairs. Lumbar support is a curvature in the chair where your child can rest the inward curve of the spine. The lumbar support feature can prevent slouching if your child sits properly.

Seat tilt

The seat tilt feature allows your child to reposition periodically and make small adjustments every now and then. The best ergonomic chairs have a seat tilt option along with a locking mechanism that allows you to choose your level of inclination.


The backrest on a chair should not be straight because the spine is not straight. It should be curved, following the natural curvature of the vertebral column or spine. The backrest should be adjustable, allowing you to bring it forward or backward, depending on your child’s body measures.

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While each of the chairs listed above makes a fine choice as the best kids desk chair, best suited to provide your child with years of comfort and enjoyment. The kids desk chair offers the most features such as the most room for adjustment and the most ergonomic support. Whether they are studying, reading, drawing, or using the computer, these chairs are the best options for children from preschool to high school.